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Suzuki String School

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The new Suzuki String School is taught by Helen Graham and Rebekah Hood.

For more information, please contact them at or (530) 713-0991

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About the Suzuki Philosophy:
The Suzuki Philosophy is one that says "every child can." Dr. Suzuki designed his philosophy after how one learns to speak any language. In this way, it is also often called the "mother-tongue" approach. Dr. Suzuki noticed that every child is able to learn their "mother-tongue" through listening, patience, repetition, and constant nurturing from a parent. Just as in language, we begin by learning to speak and communicate. Therefore, in this approach, we learn to play short folk songs and tunes by ear first. This way, we can develop a strong sense of pitch, feel successful with our position and playing as well as solidify our intonation before begining the reading process. We start reading towards the beginning of lessons, but separate from the pieces we are playing. This creates a reading path and a playing path, which we will work on every week simultaneously, but away from each other. When the child is ready, we will merge the two. This depends on the age, but typically within 1 - 3 years of playing. The advantage of having the two paths is the immediate success the child will feel with playing and the higher level of technique the playing path will have, in comparison to the reading. (i.e. A child's speaking vocabulary is stronger and more developed than his/her reading ability for quite some time. As they develop both paths, the two can merge.) On stringed instruments, we need to read well as soon as possible in order to learn where the notes are on the instrument and how to find them without looking at our hands.

Dr. Suzuki also incorporated group lessons as a community of players to meet and learn from each other. This is a huge advantage, not only because you are then able to see the teacher a second time in the week, but you now have friends and colleagues to chat and enjoy the instrument together! This also gives us a chance to work on theory, reading, rhythm development, technique exercises, or ensembles away from our weekly lesson.

Suzuki is a philosophy of creating and developing ones’ heart with a love of classical music. This means adding music to a family’s life by incorporating music as a weekly routine. We at NVSMS aim to create music lovers and creators of great works, not necessarily prodigies. Although many talented students will emerge through our instruction, our aim is to allow a lover of music to develop. Dr. Suzuki wanted to help people by engaging them in music. His dream was that if everyone would be exposed to music, no person would be without peace and love. Every child can learn to do anything they wish; they only need the inspiration, environment, and opportunity!!