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Owned and managed by Pete Van Alstyne since 1981, Pete’s Music Center on the corner of Shasta and Teegarden in Yuba City has been one of the centerpieces of music education, detail-oriented service, and high-quality instrument sales for almost three decades.

We cater to each customer’s individual needs—an odd-length audio cable made to order on the spot, a clarinet that needs complete restoration, a guitar amplifier that needs electronic diagnosis and repair, a violin or guitar that is begging for new strings, or a reference to a reliable piano tuner.

We also have more than a dozen instructional specialists on staff who are self-employed, but teach individual lessons at very reasonable rates on just about all common instruments, from piano, to flute, to trumpet, to violin, viola and cello. We keep a list of other instructors in the area who manage their own studios and willingly support their efforts by issuing telephone numbers on demand.